General Information

North East Township maintains the Gravel Pit Park, located at 10300 West Main Road and shares the ownership and maintenance of Halli Reid Park (Freeport Beach) which is located at the foot of Freeport Road with the Borough of North East.  The Fuller Hose Fire Company leases the Gravel Pit Park from the Township and holds such events as the Rib Fest and the Wine Country Harvest Festival each year.  Gravel Pit Park has picnic pavilions, (new) public restrooms, a playground, a walking trail, basketball courts and horseshoe pits.  Halli Reid Park has picnic facilities, a public beach, restrooms, a playground and a snack bar.  In 2003, the township purchased the former Penn/York resort, 27 acres of lakefront property adjacent to 20-Mile Creek, just west of the New York border on Route 5.  The North East Township Community Conservation Park is a green space featuring a walking area, beach front to enjoy the great sunsets known to our area and parking access for visitors and fishermen.


Recreation Board Members

Members include:
School District (SD)
NE Township (TWP)
NE Borough (B)

Kerry Corbin (SD)
Kim Girts (SD)
Eric Riedel (SD)

LeeAnn Parmarter-Seevers, President (TWP)
Deanna Walk (TWP)
Fritz (GW) Holzhausen (TWP)

Suzanne Kitts (B)
Jim Weinheimer, Treasurer (B)
Jeremy Morey (B)

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